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Ann-Shyn Chiang
Tsing Hua Distinguished Chair Professor & Dean
Institute of Systems Neuroscience
College of Life Science
Brain Research Center at NTHU
Academician, Academia Sinica
National  Professorship, Ministry of Education
International Faculty,
Kavli Institute for Brain and Mind at UCSD
 Contact Information
Tel : +886-3-5731040
Email : aschiang@life.nthu.edu.tw

Associate Dean 

206_aec961b2.jpg Jia-Ling Yang
College of Life Science
Professor & Chairman
Institute of Biotechnology
Department of Life Science
 Contact Information
Tel : +886-3-5742756
Email : jlyang@life.nthu.edu.tw

Administrative Staff

Y.- J. Tang 
Secretary, College of Life Science
 Contact Information
Tel : +886-3-5742468
Email : life@my.nthu.edu.tw


Y.H. Hsu
 Assistant, College of Life Science
 Contact Information
Tel : +886-3-5742769
Email :yhhsu@life.nthu.edu.tw


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