Teaching Lab
TitleMolecular Biology Experiments
LocationLSII R321
授課教授Margaret Dah-Tsyr Chang / Chung-Yu Lan
Research directionMolecular biology is a study of molecules in the life science area, looking into the microscopic changes of the genomes, DNA, RNA, and proteins in the molecules, or building up a transgenic construct to study the genes functions and features by using molecular techniques. This course is an elective course for the third-year student. The experimental objects of this course are E. coli and yeasts. You will learn some of the techniques such as the isolation of DNA and RNA, RT-PCR, gel-electrophoresis, cloning vector and protein expression, in order to link up the techniques of Molecular Biology and scientific research. A lot of instruments and equipments will be used throughout the experimental course, which includes cycling thermal heater, laminar flow hood, UV light camera system, shaker incubator, electrophoresis device, and electroporation equipment.
StudentsThird-year students
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