• Title:Molecular Mechanisms of Neuronal Morphogenesis and Neurodevelopmental disorders
  • Date:2010-05-20

Title: Molecular Mechanisms of Neuronal     
    Morphogenesis and Neurodevelopmental
Speaker:  Prof. Hsueh. Yi-Ping
        Institute of Molecular Biology Academia   
        Sinica,  Nankang Taipei, 11529 Taiwan, ROC  
Time:   10:10AM-12:00PM, Thursday,  May. 20, 2010
Place: Dr. James D. Watson Hall (B1 Auditorium),LS Building II
Host:  Prof. Chuang- Rong  Chang
Language: English

  • Speaker:Prof. Hsueh. Yi-Ping
  • Host:Prof. Chuang- Rong Chang
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