Special Lecture
2018-11-06Dr. Bi-Tzen Juang Molecular insights into the regulation of neuronal plasticity from Caenorhabditis elegansProf. Horng-Dar Wang 
2018-10-30Dr. Adrian SerohijosPredicting and controlling how microbes evolve using biophysics and population geneticsProf. Lee Wei Yang 
2018-10-30Dr. Chih-Fei Kao Neuronal Contribution to the Drosophila AgingProf. Horng-Dar Wang 
2018-10-30Prof. Peter BayMetabolic regulatory roles of PARP enzymesProf. Chuang-Rung Chang 
2018-10-18Prof. Margaret Dah-Tsyr ChangGlobal Trend & Career Development in Biotech lndustry  
2018-10-02Randy A. AlbrechtChimeric hemagglutinin-based universal influenza vacines: ferreting out immunological mehanisms of protectionProf. Suh-Chin Wu  
2018-07-26Dr. Amparo Pascual-Ahuir GinerYeast as a model of intracellular stressProf. Horng-Dar Wang  
2018-07-24Dr. Chiou-Fen Chuang, Dr. Chieh Chang1. A forward genetic screen identifies modifiers of a voltage- and calcium-activated K+ channel in left-right neuronal asymmetry, 2. Spatial and temporal control of dendrite arborization in a nociceptive neuron in C. elegansProf. Oliver Wagner 
2018-04-11Dr. Hong-Wen Tang/ Postdoc FellowMaking new connection between TOR,autophagy, and metabolism.Prof. Horng-Dar Wang  
2018-03-23Dr. Masato KanemakiDevelopment of the auxin-inducible degron technology and its applications to understand chromosome functions in human cellsDr. Lily Hui-Ching Wang 
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