Special Lecture
2018-03-19Xiaolei SuPhase separation in T cell signalingDr. Hui-Chun Cheng 
2018-02-27李遠川院士From the Heart, and Through the Brain (For successful Writing)藍忠昱教授、張大慈教授 
2018-01-30劉佩芬 研究員Transient expression using agroinfiltration for plant-based vaccines against infectious diseases   
2018-01-05En-Ching Luo (清大生科11級)A large-scale functional tethering screen identifies UBAP2L as translation enhancer protein opposing FMRP functionProf. Horng-Dar Wang 
2017-12-19 Structure-based drug designProf. Jya-Wei Cheng 
2017-12-15Dr. Juine-Ruey ChenResearch and Development of New Vaccines against Infectious DiseasesProf. Suh-Chin Wu 
2017-06-28Dr. Dung-Fang LeeDissecting Cancer Etiology in a DishProf. Lih-Yuan Lin 
2017-04-22Kuei-Ching Hsiung, Cheng-Rung Huang, Qmo Chen, John Liao2017 NTHU Local Worm MeetingProf. Oliver Wagner 
2017-03-14Phaik Eem Lim 林碧音副教授Transcriptomic analysis of a Chlorella sp. subjected to high temperature and ultraviolet radiation stressMargaret Dah-Tsyr Chang 張大慈所長、Chen Siang Ng 黃貞祥助理教授 
2017-01-16Prof. Carol Eunmi LeeEvolutionary Responses to Catastrophic Environmental ChangeDr. Chen Siang Ng 
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