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Entry Year2010
Book Title Life Sciences and Engineering
extracted chaptersChapter 12 Reproduction, Development and Aging
Date of publication2010-09-00
Main author薛敬和
Publisher 藝軒出版社
Location of publishing Taipei, Taiwan
Total number of pages569
Authors 丁信智,朱一民,江樵熹,汪宏達,高茂傑,張雍,陳永昌,曾繁根,焦傳金,黃郁棻,詹明修,劉英麟,蔡瑞瑩,鄭誠功,薛敬和,饒達仁
Name of author (Chinese)Horng-Dar(HONDA) Wang
Name of author (English)Horng-Dar(HONDA) Wang
Number of authors16
ISSN(ISBN) 978-957-41-7468-3(360)
ISI number 978-957-41-7468-3(360)
Language usedChinese
Academic PerformanceAwardsGalleryInstruments reserv.Wen Nien Tzer Library
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