Journal paper
Entry Year2012
Paper title (chapter)Chiu YC, Hua TE, Fu YY, Pasricha PJ, and Tang SC. 3-D imaging and illustration of the perfusive mouse islet sympathetic innervation and its remodelling in injury. Diabetologia. 55:3252-3261, 2012. Diabetologia commissioned a commentary “Islet nerves in focus – defining their neurobiological and clinical role” 55:3152-3154, 2012 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23001378 to accompany this paper. Also, this article is selected as ‘Up Front’ to be included at the front of the December 2012 issue
Name of author (Chinese)Shiue-Cheng (Tony) Tang
Name of author (English)Shiue-Cheng (Tony) Tang
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