Journal paper
Entry Year2008
Journal levelSCI
Paper title (chapter)A new protocol for high-yield purification of recombinant human CXCL8((3-72))K11R/G31P expressed in Escherichia coli
Name of journalProtein Expression and Purification
Date of publication2008-00-00
number of chapters61
Issue No.1
Name of author (Chinese)Jya-Wei Cheng
Name of author (English)Jya-Wei Cheng
AuthorsCheng, H.T., Huang, K.C., Yu, H.Y., Gao, K.J., Zhao, X.X., Li, F., Town, J., Gordon, J.R. and Cheng, J.W.
Author's typeCorresponding Author
Language usedEnglish
Academic PerformanceAwardsGalleryInstruments reserv.Wen Nien Tzer Library
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