Seminar paper
Entry Year2008
Paper type壁報論文
Paper level其他
Paper title (chapter)Forkhead Box M1 Transcription Factor is Required for Perinatal lung Function.
Name of conferenceFASEB SUMMER RESEARCH CONFERENCES: Lung Epithelium in Development and Disease
Conference starting time2008-08-03
Conference closing time2008-08-08
Year of publication2008
Name of author (Chinese)I-Ching Wang
Name of author (English)I-Ching Wang
AuthorsKalin TV, Wang IC, Meliton L, Zhang Y, Wert SE, Ren X, Snyder J, Whitsett, JA, Kalinichenoko, VV.
Author's typeOther
LocationSaxtons River, Vermont
Language usedEnglish
Academic PerformanceAwardsGalleryInstruments reserv.Wen Nien Tzer Library
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