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    Entry YearPublicationAuthor
    20192019,593,5,pp504-517 (SCI)Ruth Hua-Wen Fu
    20192019,1866,3,pp486-503 (SCI)Ruth Hua-Wen Fu
    20192019, (SCI)Yung-Jen Chuang
    2019Chen YC, Cheng TH, Lin WL, Chen CL, Yang WY, Blackstone C, Chang CR*.,2019,Srv2 is a pro-fission factor that modulates yeast mitochondrial morphology and respiration by regulating actin assembly.,iScience,11,pp305-317 (SCI)Chuang-Rung Chang
    2019Shen CN, Goh KS, Huang CR, Chiang TC, Lee CY, Jeng YM, Peng SJ, Chien HJ, Chung MH, Chou YH, Hsieh CC, Kulkarni S, Pasricha PJ, Tien YW*, and Tang SC*. Lymphatic vessel remodeling and invasion in pancreatic cancer progression. EBioMedicine, 2019. Accepted,Shiue-Cheng (Tony) Tang
    2019Chien HJ, Chiang TC, Peng SJ, Chung MH, Chou YH, Lee CY, Jeng YM, Tien YW, and Tang SC*. Human pancreatic afferent and efferent nerves: mapping and 3-D illustration of exocrine, endocrine, and adipose innervation. American Journal of Physiology - Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology, 2019. Accepted,Shiue-Cheng (Tony) Tang
    2018Hui-I Yu, Hsiu-Chuan Chou, Yi-Ching Su, Li-Hsun Lin, Chieh-Hsiang Lu, Hsiang-Hsun Chuang, Yi-Ting Tsai, En-Chi Liao, Yu-Shan Wei, Yi-Ting Yang, Ying-Ray Lee, and Hong-Lin Chan* ,2019,Proteomic analysis of evodiamine-induced cytotoxicity in thyroid cancer cells. ,Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, In press (*Corresponding author)., (SCI)Hong-Lin Chan
    2018Chao Shen⁠a⁠, Jixi Zhou⁠a⁠, Jinpeng Ruan⁠a, Yung-Jen Chuang⁠c, Chonggang Wang⁠,Zhenghong Zuo,2018,Generation of a Tg(cyp1a-12DRE: EGFP) transgenic zebrafish line as a rapid in vivo model for detecting dioxin-like compounds,Aquatic Toxicology,205,pp174-181 (SCI)Yung-Jen Chuang
    2018Hsieh NT, Huang CY, Li CC, Wang IC, Lee MF,2018,MED28 and forkhead box M1 (FOXM1) mediate matrix metalloproteinase 2 (MMP2)-dependent cellular migration in human nonsmall cell lung cancer (NSCLC) cells,Journal of Cellular Physiology, (SCI)I-Ching Wang
    2018Yu-Ting Chou, Li-Yang Chen, Shin-Lin Tsai, Hsiao-Chen Tu, Jeng-Wei Lu, Shih-Ci Ciou, Horng-Dar Wang*, Chiou-Hwa Yuh*. ,2018,Ribose-5-Phosphate Isomerase A Overexpression Promotes Liver Cancer Development in Transgenic Zebrafish via Activation of ERK and β-catenin Pathways. ,Carcinogenesis. ,doi: 10.1093, (SCI)Horng-Dar(HONDA) Wang
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