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    19871987,Chou, Y.C., Liang, N.T., Pan, R.L., Kuo, C.S., and Chen, T.T. (1987) The effects of protonation on the Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering from ATP molecule absorbed on the Ag electrode. Chem Phys Lett 137, 386-390. ,Rong-Long Pan
    19861986,Lin TY, Sucoff E* Brenner M (1986) Abscisic acid content and components of water status in leaves of Populus deltoides. Can. J. Bot. 64: 2295-2298.,64,pp2295-2298 (SCI)Tsai-Yun Lin
    19861986,Chang, Y.-C., Scott, R.D. and Graves, D.J. (1986) Function of pyridoxal-5‘-phosphate in glycogen phosphorylase: F-19 NMR and kinetic studies of phosphorylase reconstituted with 6-fluoropyridoxal and 6-fluoropyridoxal phosphate. Biochemistry 25, 1932-1939. ,Yen-Chung Chang
    19861986,Gottlieb, D.I., Chang, Y.-C. and Schwob, J. (1986) Monoclonal antibodies of glutamic acid decarboxylase. Proc, Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 83, 8808-8812. ,Yen-Chung Chang
    19861986, Lin,T.H.,Cherry,W.R. and Mattice,W.L. Acridine fluorescence as a probe of micelle formation by sodium dodecyl sulfate in the presence of poly(hydroxyalkyl-L-glutamine). Polymer Communication 27, 37-38 (1986). ,Thy-Hou Lin
    19861986,Lin*,T.H. Diffusion of TiO2 probe particles through a poly(ethylene oxide) melt. Makromoleluar Chemistry 187, 1189-1196 (1986). ,Thy-Hou Lin
    19861986,Pan, R.S., Hsu, B.D., Wang, M.Y., and Pan, R.L. (1986) The determination of functional size of photosynthetic electron transport chain: The application of radiation target theory. Nuclear Sci J 23(5), 393-302. ,Rong-Long Pan
    19851985,Markhart III AH, Lin TY (1985) New hand-operated press for the extraction of tissue sap for the measurement of osmotic potential. Agron. J. 77: 182-185.,77,pp182-185 (SCI)Tsai-Yun Lin
    19851985,Arus, C., Chang, Y.-C. and Barany, M. (1985) N-acetylaspartate as an intrinsic thermometer for H-1 NMR of sliced brain. J. Magn.Reson. 63, 376-379. ,Yen-Chung Chang
    19851985,Barany, M., Chang, Y-C., Arus, C., Rustan, T. and Frey. W.H. (1985) Increased glycerol-3-phosphocholine in postmortem Alzheimer‘s brain. Lacet I, 517. ,Yen-Chung Chang
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