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    19851985,Chang, Y.-C. and Graves, D.J. (1985) Use of 6-fluoroderivatives of pyridoxal phosphate in the study of coenzyme function in glycogen phosphorylase. J. Biol. Chem. 260, 2709-2714. ,Yen-Chung Chang
    19851985,Phillies,G.D.J.,Ullman,G.S.,Ullman,K. and Lin,T.H. Phenomenological scaling laws for semi-dilute macromolecular solutions from light scattering by optical probe particles. Journal of Chemical Physics 82, 5242-5246 (1985). ,Thy-Hou Lin
    19851985,Lee, J.Y., Hsu, B.D., and Pan, R.L. (1985) The high affinity binding site for calcium on the oxidizing side of photosystem II. Biochem Biophys Res Comm 128(1), 464-469. ,Rong-Long Pan
    19851985,Draheim, J.E., Anderson, G.P. Pan, R.L., Rellick, L.M., Duane, J.W., and Gross, E.L. (1985) Conformational changes of plastocyanine. Arch Biochem Biophys 237, 110-117. ,Rong-Long Pan
    19841984,Lin,T.H. and Phillies,G.D.J. Polymer molecular weight and probe diffusion in water:poly(acrylic) acid solutions. Journal of Colloid Interface Science 100, 82-95 (1984). ,Thy-Hou Lin
    19841984,Lin,T.H. and Phillies,G.D.J. Probe size and restricted diffusion in water:poly(acrylic) acid solutions. Macromolecules 17, 1686-1691 (1984). ,Thy-Hou Lin
    19831983,Soman, G., Chang, Y.-C. and Graves, D.J. (1983) Effects of oxyanions of early transition metals on rabbit skeletal muscle phosphorylase. Biochemistry 22, 4993-4998. ,Yen-Chung Chang
    19831983,Chang, Y,-C., McCalmont, T. and Graves, D.J. (1983) Functions of 5‘-phosphate group of pyridoxal 5’-phosphate in phosphorylase: A study using pyridoxal reconstituted enzyme as a model system. Biochemistry 22, 4987-4993. ,Yen-Chung Chang
    19831983,Graves, D.J., Soman, G., Hurst, M. and Chang, Y.-C. (1983) Involvement of guanidinogroup in anion-binding sites and in enzyme-catalyzed covalent modification reactions, Current Topics in Cellular Regulation 24, 181-190. ,Yen-Chung Chang
    19831983,Scott, R.D., Chang, Y-C., Graves, D.J. and Metzler, D.E. (1983) NMR study of 5-fluoro-pyridoxal phosphate-containing cytosolic aspartate aminotransferase, in “Chemical and biochemical aspects of vitamin B6 catalysis”, vol. 2, R.Alan ed., Liss Inc., New York,pp.249-257. ,Yen-Chung Chang
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