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    19881988,J.W. Cheng, and F.T. Luo, "Coupling of aryl grignard reagents by electron transfer to 2,3-dichloropropene," Tetrahedron Letters 29, 1293-1294 (1988). ,Jya-Wei Cheng
    19881988,Wang, M.Y., Chien, L.F., and Pan, R.L. (1988) Radiation inactivation analysis of chloroplast CFo-CF1- ATPase. J Biol Chem 263(18), 8838-8843. ,Rong-Long Pan
    19871987,Chang, Y.-C., Soman, G. and Graves, D.J. (1987) Identification of an enzymatic activity that hydrolyzes protein bound ADP-ribose in skeletal muscle. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Comm. 139, 932-939. ,Yen-Chung Chang
    19871987,Chang, Y.-C., Scott R.D. and Graves, D.J. (1987) Function of pyridoxal-5‘-phosphate in glycogen phosphorylase: A model study using 6-fluoro-5’-deoxypyridoxal and 5‘-deoxypyridoxal reconstituted enzyme. Biochemistry 26, 360-367. ,Yen-Chung Chang
    19871987,Chang HY, Guerrero I, Lake R, Pellicer A, D'Eustachio P. (1987) Mouse N-ras genes: organization of the functional locus and of a truncated cDNA-like pseudogene. Oncogene Research 1:129-136.,Hwan-You Chang
    19871987,Hsu, B.D., Pan, R. S., Lin, W.J., Wang, M.Y., Chiang, C.S., and Pan, R.L. (1987) The application of radiation target theory to the determination of functional size of biological molecules. Nuclear Sci J 23(6), 379-396. ,Rong-Long Pan
    19871987,Hsu, B.D., Lee, J.Y., and Pan, R.L. (1987) The two binding sites for DCMU in photosystem II. Biochem Biophys Res Comm 1412, 682-688. ,Rong-Long Pan
    19871987,Hsu, B.D., Lee, J.Y., and Pan, R.L. (1987) The high affinity binding site for manganese on the oxidizing side of photosystem II. Biochim Biophys Acta 890, 89-96. ,Rong-Long Pan
    19871987,Pan, R.S., Chien, L.F., Wang, M.Y., Tsai, M.Y., Pan, R.L., and Hsu, B.D. (1987) Functional size of photosynthetic electron transport chain determined by radiation inactivation. Plant Physiol 85, 158-166. ,Rong-Long Pan
    19871987,Hsu, B.D., Lin, W.J., Lee, J.Y., and Pan, R.L. (1987) Evidence for structural distinction between PSIIa and PSIIb reaction centers. FEBS Lett 217, 53-56. ,Rong-Long Pan
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