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    2018Ling Chien, Min-Zong Liang, Chu-Yuan Chang, Chan Wang and Linyi Chen,2018,Mitochondrial therapy promotes regeneration of injured hippocampal neurons,Biochim Biophys Acta-Molecular Basis of Disease,1864,9(B),pp3001-3012 (SCI)Linyi Chen
    20182018,3,84,pp54-63 (SCI)Yung-Jen Chuang
    2018Chien-Wei Tseng, Wen-Hong Kuo, Shih-Hsuan Chan, Hong-Lin Chan, King-Jen Chang, Lu-Hai Wang ,2018,Transketolase Regulates Dynamic Switch of Glucose Metabolism to Control Breast Cancer Cell Metastasis via Alpha-ketoglutarate Signaling Pathway.,Cancer Research,in press,Hong-Lin Chan
    20182018,Hong, S.R., Wang, C.L., Huang, Y.S., Chang, Y.C., Chang, Y.C., Pusapati, G.V., Lin, C.Y., Hsu, N., Cheng, H.C., Chiang, Y.C., Huang, W.E., Shaner, N.C., Rohatgi, R., Inoue T.,* Lin, Y.C.* Spatiotemporal manipulation of ciliary glutamylation reveals its roles in intraciliary trafficking and Hedgehog signaling. Nature Communications (Accepted), (SCI)Yu-Chun Lin
    2018Chang SJ, Liao EC, Yeo HY, Kuo WH, Chen HY, Tsai YT, Wei YS, Chen YJ, Wang YS, Li JM, Shih CC, Chan CH, Lai ZY, Chou HC, Chuang YJ* and Chan HL*,2018,Proteomic Investigating the Cooperative Lethal Effect of EGFR and MDM2 Inhibitors on Ovarian Carcinoma, (SCI)Yung-Jen Chuang
    20182018,12,Suppl 2,pp29- (SCI)Yung-Jen Chuang
    2018Zi-Xuan Zhuang, Shen-Chang Chang, Chao-Jung Chen, Hong-Lin Chan, Min-Jung Lin, Hsin-Yi Liao, Chuen-Yu Cheng, Tsung-Yi Lin, Yu-Shine Jea and San-Yuan Huang,2018,Effect of Seasonal Change on Testicular Protein Expression in White Roman Geese ,Journal of Animal Biotechnology,in press, (SCI)Hong-Lin Chan
    2018Hu, C. C., G. H. Wu, T.-E. Hua, O. I. Wagner*, and T. J. Yen*.,2018,Uptake of TiO2 nanoparticles in C. elegans neurons negatively affects axonal growth and worm locomotion behavior.2018 Feb 21. doi: 10.1021/acsami.7b18818. [Epub ahead of print] [IF 7.504, Rank: Q1] *corresponding authors,ACS Appl Mater Interfaces, (SCI)Oliver Wagner
    2018Muthaiyan Shanmugam, M., P. Bhan, H.-Y. Huang, J. Hsieh, H. N. Punjabi, V. L. Aplicano, C.-W. Chen, and O. I. Wagner*.,2018,Cover for MCB vol. 38, no. 7 (2018) MCB00066-18.,Mol Cell Biol.,38,7, (SCI)Oliver Wagner
    2018Shanmugam, M. M., P. Bhan, H.-Y. Huang, J. Hsieh, H. N. Punjabi, V. L. Aplicano, C.-W. Chen, and O. I. Wagner*. 2018,2018,Cilia length and intraflagellar transport regulation by kinases PKG-1 and GCK-2 in C. elegans sensory neurons.2018 Jan 29. doi: 10.1128/MCB.00612-17. [Epub ahead of print] [IF 4.398, Rank: Q1] *corresponding author(NSC 102-2311-B-007-006- and MOE 99N2455E1 99-100),Mol Cell Biol. , (SCI)Oliver Wagner
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